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Favorite Drug Store Lipsticks

By 6:31 PM

Hello my beauties and welcome back to my blog! So today's blog is going to be more of a quick little talk through of what my favorite drug store lipsticks are and as you can already tell they are MILANI LIPSTICKS. WOO! Milani Lipsticks have always been my favorite drugstore lipsticks. I love how pigmented they are, they are so inexpensive and they smell soooooooooooooooo GOOD! To me these lipsticks seem to all have the same smell and they all smell like vanilla, vanilla bean, white chocolate I don't know I just know that it smells delicious. No lie sometimes I wished I could eat it! Lol! Aside from its beautiful smell its so inexpensive I believe they are like $4.99 in most drug stores, which is always a plus. A good lipstick and on your budget... Doesn't get any better than that! Milani Lipsticks are a must have for my beauties who want a good lipstick but don't  want to break their pockets. So I really recommend my beauties to give these lipsticks a try and let me know how much you loved them!!! So I think that will be all for this blog. Don't forget to LIKE and SHARE my facebook page @JulieesVanity . Until next time, love you beauties!

(Swatches bellow are in order from the picture above)

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